Strategic Direct Investing

For Japanese Institutional and Private Investors:

We offer high value-added investment opportunities through sourcing, selection and introduction of reputable US real estate investment managers based on our proven screening and criteria (see criteria on next tab).

  • Introduction of high-quality local US real estate investment managers with no access to the Japanese investor market
  • Support and facilitation of communication with investment managers, including post-investment phases
  • Administrative support for starting investment
  • Capital alliance/JV establishment consultation and provision of the latest information on alternative investment and business in the US
  • Manager selection, due diligence, analysis, facilitation of strategic alliance, investment or partnership

Japanese Investors: Sample investment strategies and funds offered by US investment real estate managers

Through the diversity of our offerings and the ability to create and tailor separate account mandates to client specifications or identifying the right fund manager in a certain market, Richwood Capital Advisors can be a valued partner when investing into the local US real estate market.

Primary Focus
Concentration of knowledge industries, innovation clusters, research and education industries.

Secondary Focus
Target submarkets with a vibrant mix of land uses, transit access, and other “24/7 urban lifestyle” amenities.

The above table is for illustrative and discussion purposes only.

  • Regional Multi-Family Fund (development)
  • Regional Industrial Fund
  • Gateway City Commercial Office Fund (Grade A)
  • Second Tier City Office Development Fund
  • Second Tier City Office Investment Fund
  • Second Tier City Residential Investment and Development Fund
  • Office Opportunistic Fund
  • Regional Development Fund
  • Hotel Investment Fund

Selecting a US Real Estate Fund Manager: 

The relationship between a real estate investor and their investment manager should be a long and rewarding one. In order to avoid disappointment and the financial implications of switching allegiances during strategic implementation, it is important to select the right manager at the outset. This paper is designed as a tool to help investors navigate a smooth manager selection process.

Richwood performs a vigorous vetting and due diligence process in the selection of fund managers and operators we partner with to introduce to Japan investors through our extensive network in Japan. Richwood is compensated by the US fund manager on a percentage of committed capital and fees based on performance.

Other factors taken into consideration are:

  • Style drift – What separates good managers from the pack is a GP track record to stick to the investment philosophy they outlined
  • Return targets and hedging costs
  • Loss record – What happened in each circumstance when money was lost and how it was corrected or will be different next time
  • Yen-based sleeve for hedging costs

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