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Richwood Capital Partners (“Richwood”) is a Tokyo based investment manager and advisory firm that invests into US real estate through multiple structures on behalf of strategic Japanese institutional investor clients. Our objective is to produce consistent, superior risk-adjusted returns in targeted US gateway cities and select secondary markets.

Richwood was founded in 2012 by former senior employees as a spin off entity of a leading US based bank distressed debt and real estate asset management platform in Tokyo with AUM of approximately $7.0bn dating back to 2008.

Today, Richwood is a seasoned conduit to Japanese institutional capital and financial institutions targeting US real estate investment. Richwood has the proven ability to source, underwrite, execute and asset manage assets in the US for Japan based investors (with no presence in the US) and execute targeted investment strategies, including sourcing, vetting and identifying local operator partners and specialized fund managers for efficient portfolio construction leading to aligned and efficient capital deployment.

Our team of bilingual and experienced investment and finance professionals based in our Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York offices leverage our deep US market expertise and our proven $3.0bn investment track record to generate consistent risk adjusted returns in the world`s most dynamic and diverse real estate market.

Our investment approach has been guided by a belief that arithmetic alone cannot produce superior performance – an understanding of the power of local factors is required. Real estate values are driven primarily by local factors which are best known by local specialists.

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