Compliance & Risk Management

1. Pursue optimal portfolio management for securing stable medium- and long-term profits
  • Develop an investment portfolio with a stable balance between risk and return.
  • Pursue consistent and continuous property acquisitions at a fair price and based on a comprehensive pipe lined
  • Enhance portfolio profitability and value
2. Implement a stable and low-cost fund procurement strategy
  • Maintain and enhance a structure and network conducive to stable and flexible fund procurement
  • Pursue continuous low-cost fund procurement
  • Cultivate new fund procurement sources and methods
3. Promote mutual ongoing communication with investors
  • Ensure timely, transparent, accurate and reliable information disclosure
  • Maintain a mutual communication structure between investors and management
4. Ensure strict compliance with regulatory laws and regulations
  • Pursue comprehensive and thorough compliance procedures
  • Maintain and enhance a risk management structure

Management Philosophy

  1. Pursue a cautious contrarian approach in our investing activities with a focus on securing stable medium- and long-term returns that are risk adjusted and realistic
  2. Implement a stable and low-cost fund procurement strategy for our investments; do not over-leverage or take on unnecessary debt
  3. Promote mutual ongoing transparent communication with our partners, service providers, investor clients and employees
  4. Ensure strict compliance with regulatory laws and regulations and adhere to all requirements under Japanese law with regards to investment in Japan

Basic Compliance and Risk Management Policy

Richwood Capital Partners Asia (Richwood Capital) strives to ensure the appropriateness of our company operations and asset management provided by third-party asset managers appointed by Richwood Capital and soundness and adequateness of their operations, as well as protection of our own investments and those of our investor clients by closely examining and confirming the functioning of the internal control, compliance and risk management systems based on the highest quality standards of laws and regulations in Japan, which includes avoiding any conflicts of interest.

Our internal Ethical Rules and Compliance Rules serve as the code of conduct for our officers and employees compliance with regards to laws and regulations and the articles of incorporation.

The Richwood Capital Compliance & Risk Management Policy centers around identifying all aspects of risks to which our investments and clients are exposed. This includes market risk, financial risk, operational risk, and reputable risk.

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