US GP Capital Raising

For US Medium Sized Funds

Value Proposition: We Only Earn Fees When Capital is Committed and Invested

To date, individual investors in Japan have invested in U.S. real estate through global REITs, mutual funds and other means, but few institutional investors have expanded their investment into real estate overseas. Richwood, on a mandated basis, will raise capital commitments from Japanese private and institutional investors and introduce US fund and asset managers. This way, Japanese investors can gain access to US real estate fund managers with no access to the Japanese market or not covered by large Japanese financial institutions and securities companies.  

US GPs entering Japan for first time need to grasp from the very start that it is not one monolithic commercial bloc. There is no such thing as the Asian or Japan investor. Japan is a huge and diverse investor base with a unique and different culture. GPs need to know what makes sense and have a well-informed and targeted strategy given that it is such a diverse set of traditional and non-traditional investors.

Raising capital is not a single transaction but an ongoing effort. We are active at every stage of the process to make sure our clients are best-positioned to meet the challenges inherent in fundraising. We typically work with funds between US$100 million and US$1.5 billion in size, and raise capital from institutional investors in Japan. A typical fundraising assignment consists of following steps:

Rigorous and targeted screening, selection and identification of the “right Japanese LP Investors”

LP Fundraising

Japan Fundraising – Small and Medium-Sized LPs

For US Real Estate Fund Managers, Operators and Private Real Estate Companies:

We provide customized “on the ground” support for fund-raising in Japan based on mandated criteria and fund objectives.

  • Support for introductions to prospective investors and marketing support services as a Type II Financial Instruments Business Operator
  • Extensive experience working with Japanese investors investing into the US real estate market
  • Multi-faceted relationships with Japanese financial institutions, corporations, trust banks and securities companies
  • Support by a team of Japan-based professionals with expertise in sales and alternative investment management including private equity, credit and real estate.

Dedicated to fundraising institutional capital from medium-sized Japanese LPs that have limited access to local and regional US fund managers.

Value Proposition: Bridging the Gap Between Japanese LP Investors and Reputable Mid-Sized US Fund Managers in the US

At Richwood, based on our experience, we believe the following:

Fundraising is an increasingly specialized and local activity and few organizations now have the expertise and capacity to exploit every option, especially those US-based managers with no experience or access to the Japan market.
GPs in the US seeking to collect rising levels of commitments from Japan investors must do their homework - that is where Richwood comes in.
Fundraising is an increasingly specialized activity and few organizations now have the expertise and capacity to exploit every option. Japanese investors run a thorough due diligence process.

The Richwood Advantage

First-class team of professionals in the US and Japan dedicated to the client’s fundraising efforts targeting Japan

  • Richwood Capital is a team that has represented virtually every strategy to every type of investor in Japan 
  • Our Japan and US team has local relationships, expertise, language skills and understanding of Japanese investors 

Proprietary database and investor dialogue

  • Our extensive knowledge and last two decades working with Japanese investors, trust banks and securities companies and our thorough understanding of Japanese investors’ needs, risk tolerance, internal decision-making process and necessary due diligence is key.
  • RICHWOOD Capital maintains a proprietary investor profile database consisting of numerous established, pre-qualified relationships which undergo regular and meticulous review.
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