US Real Estate Fund Investment

Richwood Capital Advisors Value Proposition

Within Richwood Capital, Richwood Capital Advisors (RCA) offers Japanese institutional investors a gateway to US private real estate investing, shaped by local insights and implementation. We are a seasoned conduit to US real estate investment and a strong link to Japanese institutional capital.
As private real estate advisors, we deliver to our clients what we believe are the best opportunities, sourcing of funds and operators in the private real estate markets across the US in Gateway and secondary cities.

Richwood Capital for Private US Real Estate Investing

  • Senior Management has proven track record of investing into direct US real estate market totaling over US $3b of acquisition and $2b of dispositions on behalf of Japanese capital since 2015
  • At RCA, we aim to bridge the gap. We source US fund managers –especially those handling real estate and we bring them to Japanese financial institutions, medium sized pension funds, and corporate investors.
  • RCA mission is to foster the growth and development of “below the radar” screen successful US institutional partners, operators and fund managers that do not have access to Japanese medium sized institutional investors and desire to expand their capital base and fundraising composition.

We Offer Our Clients the Benefits of...

  • Flexible, high conviction portfolio comprised of direct and fund real estate transactions
  • Highly negotiated cost structures
  • Strong governance provisions

Resulting in…
Enhanced alignment of interests

Access to Unique Investment Opportunities

  • RCA aims to provide investors access to high-quality, hard-to-find local investment opportunities in a given market and access to niche investment strategies and reputable managers that have historically outperformed their peers.
  • We specialize in early lifecycle funds with reputable managers who have a competitive advantage in their market, track record and a consistent and transparent investment process.
  • Our institutional grade selection process and investment process has a strong focus on downside protection, alignment of interest and favorable terms.
  • Our client’s portfolio contain investments which are diversified by geography, sector, manager, investment strategy, return target and time horizon.
  • The result is a series of highly negotiated real estate transactions achieving favorable terms and reduced management fees and favorable terms.

Dynamic Investment Solutions to Meet Client Needs

Through the diversity of our offerings and the ability to create and tailor separate account mandates to client specifications or identifying the right fund manager in a certain market, Richwood Capital Advisors can be a valued partner when investing into the local US real estate market.

Primary Focus
Concentration of knowledge industries, innovation clusters, research and education industries.

Secondary Focus
Target submarkets with a vibrant mix of land uses, transit access, and other “24/7 urban lifestyle” amenities.

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