Our Sustainability Plan

Through our collective ESG efforts, our objective is to enhance market-rate financial returns while considering positive social and/or environmental outcomes and good governance practices.

1. Strong governance Our sustainable and responsible investment work operates under the direction of our senior executives. Through robust governance and oversight, we strive to ensure that our activities are globally consistent.
2. ESG integration We believe ESG factors influence the long-term risks and returns of companies. Evaluation of ESG factors is a natural extension of our fundamental research and investment processes and supports strong investment decision-making in a changing world. Our investment teams bear the primary responsibility for ESG integration and are supported by an expert team of ESG analysts to conduct ESG due diligence and company engagements.
3. Active and responsible stewardship We participate in industry groups and policy dialogues around critical issues that advance the practice of sustainable investing, contributing to more resilient capital markets overall.
4. Dynamic approach Sustainability is a never-ending journey. In a rapidly changing landscape, our planning must regularly account for the emergence of new sustainability initiatives and overarching systemic risks.
5. Transparency As we advocate for increased transparency among our investee companies, we also seek to improve our own transparency on sustainability.
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